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From Shelter to Sanctuary

How are you? I mean it. How are you doing?

Right now, it can be so easy to get caught up in doing. So many of us are wearing more hats than ever before, new hats, maybe even some hats we never wanted to wear, some hats that have surprised us with the joy they bring...

A day if the life of me right now can look like...

Wake up way later than normal, cook, clean, do laundry, tidy up, home school, record, upload>upload>upload, kid parent, teen parent, dog parent, be the wife, the friend, & yes, self improve, go to bed ~ repeat

Some nights I fall in bed exhausted. I sleep soundly.

Some nights I crawl into bed terrified. I toss and turn.

Some nights I land somewhere in between. And then I get up in the middle of the night to see if I can make a grocery cart miracle happen.

On my best nights, Daisy and I spend time in a really deep and meaningful prayer before bed.

My crazy day schedule leaves little time for processing. If I allow it, this can rob me of my ability to connect to the sacred, to connect to the divine.

I'm happy to report I've carved out a weekly time to do therapy with a counselor in town known for his work in grief. Of course, these sessions are online. I cannot tell you how much peace they have brought me and how grateful I am that I have the means to do so.

I do hope you're creating a space of healing and you-time. I hope you're able to shift your perception of this time from being in shelter to creating your own sanctuary.

And as we move deeper and further into this Gigantic Global Reset, I wanted to share some of the themes that have occurred to me, that have been teased out as opportunities for me, in this current climate... in case they serve you as well.

In my quietest moments, my inner knowing whispers... Don’t fuck up the reset.

Take the time to identify the old patterns that don’t serve —

Habits like...

Holding on too tight

Trying to control too much

Conversely, loose boundaries - giving too much away

Worrying too much

Numbing too much

Taking things for granted

Going down rabbit holes of fear instead of internal landscapes of inspiration

What is the true opportunity here? How can I shift, align, grow and capitalize on this reset, rather than get caught up in resistance, anxiety and fear?

How can you stay fluid, stay true to your boundaries and be resilient/honest/open/strong/careful/thoughtful/mindful/truthful/courageous?

Personally, it has been a real eye opener discovering how spoiled rotten I had become in my life without my awareness — not about everything, but definitely about some things. How did this happen?

Case in point, tomorrow (April 10) is our ten year anniversary. In February, this was a contentious issue in my home. My husband blithely announced one day that he was going to The Masters again this year and we would have to celebrate our anniversary the week before or the week after. Being that we have been saving up our big celebration for the last few years, I was not pleased with this announcement. And so, an argument ensued. The result of the argument was that he decided to let someone else from his office go, as it was a work trip. And we planned a trip to New Orleans instead. Looking back at that, I'm just amazed. We aren't going anywhere now, of course. And I'm so grateful that we are home safe together and able to provide for our family as we bunker down in our shelter, that he practices yoga with me like clockwork twice weekly, and he has for the last 10 years, and that we have one another, our children, our home, and our pets. Jeesh, what a difference a month can make. How grateful I am for our home sanctuary.

What would it look like if you could repaint the picture on the other side of this in a loving and true way?

This could be a golden opportunity, if we choose to embrace it as such.

And, in the meantime, {please} stay home, beloveds.

We've been uploading loads of classes for you. We are above 40 classes and growing.

I do hope you are taking the time to enjoy.

Much love,


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