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What is going on?

What the AF are we living through right now?

If you're like me, you might find yourself thinking this multiple times per day right now.

On the upside, it's pretty amazing to see so many folks walking around neighborhoods with dogs and kids right now. Granted, we all wave at each other from a distance.... and yet still, it is nice to feel more connected to communities around the home more than normal.

There's also a weird kind of reset that we are all witnessing right now — maybe you've noticed? As a small business owner who recently (divinely) made the difficult decision to streamline back from two locations to one, due in large part to the corporate invasion of the wellness space, it's a strange thing to witness those software companies responsible for enforcing the corporate like practices that were not beneficial to the mom/pops out there... To witness them suffering because the mom/pops they were taking advantage of are closing and even the corporate chains are struggling... It's a surreal thing to see and feel — definitely unexpected. It's seems like a shift back to balance, however convoluted this process may be.

I wonder what things you're noticing in your world these days?

So today is Spring Equinox...

My favorite website that offers energetic wisdom and help in processing daily life is The Power Path. I reference them often. They are a group of shamanic wisdom practitioners out of Santa Fe. They sent out a note today about the Equinox that I found helpful. I am going to share it here for you.

An equinox always supports completions as you get ready for something new.

What cycles in your life can you complete, making room for something new?

Please take some time on the Equinox and ritualize through ceremony or contemplation, perhaps a writing, a burning, a cleansing or burial, something you wish to complete.

Then take some time to dream with your heart, inspiration, beauty and compassion, something new you wish to plant the seeds of to grow into your future.

I feel as though this can be a valuable opportunity for us, both individually and as a collective. How may we serve one another? How may we heal? How may we support? How may we evolve? How may we be proactive and creative instead of fearful and anxious?

I know I, for one, am so excited to create and offer online classes to our tribe as we go through this. I am excited to film classes daily, write more, rest more, spend more time with my loving family, cook, walk the dogs, draw, paint, color and learn with my kiddos. Yes, caging a teenager is a challenge. I cannot imagine going through this at that age. He brings me the opportunity to learn through his eyes daily. And of course, I am still grateful for the connection.

And if you are unaware, we are uploading classes daily at Namastream.

Some answers to some FAQs about this...

  • If I'm already a member, do I need to create an account? Yes, you will have to set up a new account with them. It costs $39/month for unlimited classes. Note: We have paused our monthly unlimited All-In accounts during this experience. You will not be double charged during the time we are closed.

  • Are you livestreaming classes? No, for now, we are not livestreaming. We tried that at first and it was obvious that the technology side is really strained with the amount folks online for work, school and entertainment at the moment. We might revisit this in the near future.

  • What classes are uploaded and being offered on Namastream? We are offering Transformational Flow, Slow Flow and Restorative Bliss classes through this service. We are creating different formats (time-wise) to suit at home lockdown life needs. Aka, some classes are 60 minutes, some are 45, and some are even 20 minutes long.

  • Which teachers are offering classes? Right now, Rebecca Emery, Missy Shaw and myself have all recorded classes. I have invited the teachers to record as they can. There is a bit of a learning curve to the process.

As always... We are doing our best to provide the same quality, joy, creativity and passion you know and love us for.

If we get 180 monthly members on this site, we will be able to cover the studio hard costs and the salaries for the managers on staff (Jess & Savannah).

As for taking care of the teachers, we are setting up two options for you as many of you have asked. Both of these can be bought through MBO (MindBodyOnline, our usual scheduling software). One is a $40/month option. This is the difference between your monthly membership and what we are charging for Namastream. And then there is a bucket for a gift amount that you can create of your choosing, based on what seems reasonable to you.

Please note: We are not requiring this. We do not expect it. We are just offering it as some of you have asked us to do so. We are grateful for you. So incredible grateful. We will take these donation amounts and divide them among the teachers in alignment with the patterns of the usual payroll distributions.

Much love, yogis. Stay safe. I can't wait to be through lockdown life and back to the mat with you. In the meantime, please know we are working our socks off to provide you with as much healing energy and sacred sanctuary space as possible. From our hearts to yours. XO

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