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The Quintessential Paradox

Caroline Myss, one of my fave spiritual teachers, likes to say, you can spot the divine by the severity of the paradox.

Does anyone else feel like this is a quintessential paradox?

On one hand, we are all kind of without our immediate demands on our time and attention. We can catch up on much needed rest. We can set our own schedules. We are all working from home, schooling from home, engaging in entertainment at home, exercising at home, and so forth. And at the same time, we have probably seen more faces on our neighborhood streets - as people are walking and riding bikes constantly - possibly than ever before, for some of us — maybe since the 70s.

And yet, we are also strapped to our screens much of the time. School from home? That requires 5-15 different websites. Teaching yoga from home? I have no less than three screens pointed at me recording just in case something goes wrong while recording. Staying up to date on the bizarre unfolding of COVID—19? Well, then that requires at least one screen on a news channel 12-14 hours/day. Duh.


Personally, I'm not miserable.

I'm reminded of this year's energetic forecast from The Power Path that we reviewed in my Simplify 2020 workshop. Specifically...

Goal this year (same as 2019) = Growth (eek)

Growth is now accelerated. (Oh great)

We have to take full advantage of learning a lesson, becoming empowered — rather than feeling overwhelmed by our lessons.

Aaaaannnnd the goal is Growth with an unexpected and unusual pair of Abbreviation.

What does that mean? It means we can expect occasional urges or reasons to take a “time out”. When that happens, we should capitalize on that rather than feel guilty. Our instinctive center will be around Abbreviation and rest. Growth can be overwhelming. We will be forced to take collective time outs.

When we need to take time out, we need to listen to that desire and just rest.

For most of us, 2019 did not include much opportunity for time out. 2020 will push that time onto us.

Since Growth includes grabbing every opportunity to evolve, change and move into something different, we might find ourselves and others saying things like:

“I learned a lot.” often.

A warrior (the primary personality of this year) likes to sift, organize, prioritize.

Abbreviation includes time out to do just that.

Shut down when you need to. It’s part of your growth to take the time to assimilate what you are learning. Don’t get strung out, exhausted and/or sick. It’s ok to need a break and take time for yourself.

Sound familiar anyone? Interestingly enough, this forecast was done in the first half of December. And so I ask you, how are you investing your forced time out? Are you able to take a moment and enjoy the pause?

Recording daily classes for Namamstream for our TSYR community gives me purpose. It helps me feel as though I am still able to offer a sanctuary for our community of well being, breath, peace and space. Recording has required forgiving myself of those imperfections I might be subconsciously seeking in order to prove some long held theory in my way distant past that in some way I'm not enough. Not thin enough, young enough, pretty enough — bah. Whatever. I'm so glad to have the opportunity to revisit and heal that one.

It also helps me see what I am capable of... Holding space for loved ones, near and far, in any unexpected scenario. That makes my heart super happy.

And it helps me mind my boundaries. Many studios and wellness businesses are doing what feels like constant live Zoom classes. I have a Zoom account. I've had one for years. This doesn't feel right to me right now. In my daily life, curveballs are happening every two seconds. I need to be able to be fluid. Online engine is down? No problem. I need to empty the dishwasher anyways. Daisy has a Facetime play date? Great. That gives me an hour to record something. Fluid. This is how things feel to me at the moment. And so... we are creating in the way that works for us. Without guilt. With love.

And then there is this deeper truth — I like being at home with my family.

I am enjoying recording classes with Daisy and Craig.

Jagger is even starting to take the time to coach me in some workouts — courtesy of Enduralab (thanks, Team Hargrave!)

I enjoy cooking.

I feel better rested and more connected to my family than I have in a lon gtime.

I even enjoy the home school'ing piece of this. Daisy and I are having a lot of fun with these assignments and creating processes that work for us both.

As always, humanity shows up in the most beautiful and touching ways. The rainbows and teddy bears in the windows of homes are a perfect example of the ways in which humans find ways to express their true nature — love.

I love y'all.

I miss you.

I hope you are able to enjoy the pause, glean learnings from the quintessential paradox and stay safe/well.

I hope you are enjoying our online offerings. We are pouring our all into them. We have 19 classes up right now! And OMG, yall. Some of the bloopers are hilarious. (Butt yoga....) Hahaha.

Take care.

Air Hugs.

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