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Proactive Measures

Hello again. It seems like I can't stop writing to you.

Here are some things I want to share since we last chatted...

As you are undoubtedly aware, the public situation with COVID-19 has not improved. In an effort to sustain our community through this uncertain time, here are our latest proactive measures we are implementing.

1. Props. For now, we are removing the bolsters, sand bags, blankets, blocks, mats and straps from the studio. Please bring your own items. You can buy them online at Target and Walmart also carry a variety of them, although likely not sand bags. Amazon has a selection too.

2. Sweat towels and chilled towels. For now, we are going to suspend providing these, this includes Yogi Toes. Please bring your own items.

3. Online classes — to comply with recommended social distancing & to augment our offering. We are working behind the scenes in a furious capacity to take this proactive step and have these classes available to you sooner rather than later. Being that we could see a call to suspend all public gatherings as a form of social distancing, we are hoping to have this offering in place to be able to offer peace of mind, even if virtually, during this journey. When we create this offering, we will make sure to include meditations, breath work, and other immune boosting suggestions in our classes. As is our custom, we will pour our hearts into this online sanctuary.

Yes, we will continue to clean the studio like crazy, including wiping all surfaces down with disinfectant wipes daily. You are welcome to help.

Yes, we still commit to you that we will not teach if feeling under the weather. We ask that you do the same. Please do not come to the studio if you feel even slightly ill.

Yes, we will continue to comply with all CDC and WHO recommendations such as extensive hand washing. We are grateful for your efforts to this affect as well.

As always, we welcome your input.

Much love.

Rebecca & TSYR

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