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Simpler and Simpler, Y'all.

Recently, I was shopping at Central Market. I was wearing AirPods and listening to fun tunes. I have a new cookbook that I adore. As such, this grocery store trip was well anticipated and I felt joyful.

A super cute fellow shopper tapped me on the shoulder. I took my AirPod out so we could chat. She reminded me of her name and told me she’d recently started returning to yoga at the Clearfork space. “I saw your blog post and the piece in 360 West. Are you so sad to leave such a gorgeous space?,” she asked. “Yes, of course,” I said. Because I am. “And I’m also happy to lighten my load,” I finished. Because I am. For reasons I’ve previously explained, not the least of which is the focus on my family, I know that this is the right step for me in this moment. After I shared my reasons with her, she said, “I understand. We all have to make our choices.” Indeed, fellow yogi. Indeed. And I am choosing my family.

And then… A dear friend brought his neighbor to class last week at the Clearfork space. She loved it. She lives in Tanglewood. She works in the medical offices on Bryant Irvin just past the studio. And her husband works in one of the office buildings on Edwards Ranch not even a block away. She had no idea we were in our space. We’ve been open five years, y’all. She drives by our location multiple times a day. She had no idea we were there.

I know change is difficult. I know we often resist it. And I also know this change is what I need right now for my own health, my own self care, and for my ability to contribute to our studio and our yogi community. I feel good about these changes. Even though, I know we will continue to feel the waves of settling for awhile.

And then… A student left a note at the studio that she wanted to cancel her account, and she wanted someone to call her about it. I called her to let her know, per her request, we had terminated her account. We chatted. She said she couldn’t justify adding more time to her commute for her early morning classes. “Ok,” I said. “I understand,” I finished. Because I do. I also know the two locations are 2.2 miles apart. 2.2 miles. If you’re driving, that’s really not that far. And yet, I understand that this is part of this process.

We all have to decide what is right for us. It is so ok for folks to decide that the Hulen location is too far. I am still going to do my best to create and offer yoga with integrity, from my heart, with kindness and with a crew of like minded yogis I dearly admire. The students meant to be there will come. Those who are meant to find another home will do that as well. There are certainly plenty of options in Fort Worth these days.

Since making this decision, I’ve been able to be far more present with my family, create new workshop ideas with my colleagues, and begin to plan my next retreat, something I haven’t done in ages and purely love to do.

I’ve written, prayed, sang, played and shared my heart with my loved ones. I’ve been on late night runs with my teenager. I’ve taken my daughter on a plethora of play dates. I’ve cooked a bazillion meals and walked dogs until their ankles were tender and sore. To Simplify in 2020 is what feels right, beloveds.

I appreciate your patience. This shuffle-ball-change of schedules and locations has been a fascinating game of 5-D Tetris. Thank you for giving us the time to adjust.

The new schedule is here. (Please note, there is always room for a change or two... 5-D Tetris, yall. It's a thing when you're managing yoga studios/schedules.) We’ve done our best to accommodate the needs of the teachers, the community and the business in a balanced way knowing full well that things might, and probably will, evolve. As always, this is a fluid, living organism. Please remember. It does not go into effect until Feb 16th. Until then, the current schedule stands.

To close, I’ll share with you a piece I’ve written recently. I hope it resonates with you, as it has with me.

Much love, yogis.


Sometimes I’m a puddle,

Sometimes I’m a cloud,

Sometimes I’m a pebble,

Sometimes I’m loud.

I’m always or often open,

I’m broken and I’m proud.

My heart is devoted.

My soul is avowed.

Thank you for awareness,

I can’t say it came so easily.

Thank you for kindness,

I scarf it down greedily.

Thank you for the process,

Although sometimes I fall down.

And thank you, oh my goodness,

for The Soul Family Crowd.

My gratitude knows no bounds.

My gratitude knows no bounds.

My gratitude knows no bounds.

I’m so grateful.

So grateful


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